Transforming Your Vision into Reality

Smarter Living
We provide life enhancing home automation for every aspect of your home, from lighting and heating control to security, entertainment, and reliable connectivity to the Internet. Whatever your needs, we have a smart home solution for you.

Under Control
Whether it's a single remote control to just control your family room or a single app to control your entire home, we have a solution for your custom needs that is so user friendly even grandparents enjoy using it. And from wall mounting a single television to a home theater project, we can meet your needs large or small. 
Safe and Sound
We understand that keeping your home safe is paramount. Combining a surveillance system and a security system that is always at your fingertips helps assure that you can always keep in touch with what's happening at home at any time from anywhere in the world. And we install high quality systems because low quality video is of little value; unfortunately, some find that out when it is too late. We also offer video doorbells and smart door locks to compliment the entire security package. They provide features like allowing you to know whenever someone is at your door and who is locking or unlocking the smart door lock.
Your Atmosphere
The most influential element in any home is the lighting. To set the perfect mood you need to adjust the light in the home to be in harmony with the lighting entering the home. Intelligent lighting combined with motorized shades provides you the means to accomplish just that with a simple touch of a button or the command of your voice. This can even be set on a schedule to assist in warming or cooling your home and giving it the appearance of occupancy when away at work or on vacation by automatically turning lights on/off and lowering/raising shades. A home that appears to be occupied is a substantial layer of deterrent and safety. 
Reliable Connections
Being able to stay connected to your friends and loved ones is now more important than ever. In this fast paced world you need a reliable network and connection to the Internet to make sure what's important doesn't slip by. We deploy networks that assure that your connections to what's important are reliable; especially when it counts the most. Dropouts and flaky reception in pockets of your home are a thing of the past whether you're in a corner of the house, the basement, or relaxing on the deck or patio. And just as importantly, it's easy to limit or disable children's access to the Internet when needed. Stay connected to what's important to your family and your business.
Contact Us
The team at Altrontech has been proudly serving New Jersey's finest homes for over a decade. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service and look forward to speaking with you soon.  Please use the contact form to email us or call today so we can start turning your vision into reality without further delay at 732-734-1581.